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The Marina Barrage Porject
("Marina Barrage")

The Marina Barrage is an ambitious three-in-one project by the Public Utilities Board of Singapore which will create a new body of freshwater, act as a tidal barrier for flood control and serve as a recreational resource for water-based activities for Singaporeans. Estimated to be one of the largest pumping stations in the world, the Marina Barrage Pumping Station has a total capacity of 1,000,000 m3 per hour.

We were awarded two sub-contracts from Koh Brothers Building and Civil Engineering Contractors to supply and install the seven main drainage pump-sets systems and related equipment as well as other hydro-engineering equipment. The pumps we supplied form the core component of the Marina Barrage Pumping Station.

For this project, we deployed our most up-to-date technology, international best practices and know-how. With the support of our European counterparts and partners, we successfully met all the milestones for this project including the on-schedule delivery of all seven drainage pumps for the Marina Barrage project on site.

With the completion of this project, we became the only homegrown company in Singapore with a track record of supplying and installing such drainage pumps on such a massive scale.